Celebrating Rabbits

to my website! In it you'll find information about rabbits and their intricate natures. Rabbits are not only cute and sweet — there are many surprises beneath their soft, cuddly packaging. These small animals are expressive, intelligent, and independent. Some people relate to their inventiveness and sense of play. Others find these complex creatures to be spiritual catalysts and teachers of profound life lessons. In all cases, a well-cared-for rabbit is a delight on many levels.

Kali, pictured below, was my first rabbit and the inspiration for Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits – Inspirational Stories of Rescue, Triumph, and Joy. Permanently disabled from mistreatment and neglect endured in a preschool classroom, Kali had a powerful presence and impact on my life. It was her influence that led me to other rabbits and their people, and the stories in "Kali's" book highlight just how personable and individualistic the endearing creatures are.

I feel blessed to be sharing my life with rabbits. Each is a treasure in the purest sense, enriching my life with both laughter and serenity. I hope their charm will appeal to you as well.

Marie Mead

My inspiration – Kali and Kumar

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